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Celebrate Culture. Celebrate Sisterhood. Celebrate Song.

Check out our December 2020 virtual concert.

This season has been like no other, but Cantigas Women's Choir continues our commitment to making music and building community. In December 2020, we presented our first virtual concert. What a thrill to be able to continue connecting with our audience and supporters!

Click here to watch it on YouTube

Cantigas Women's Choir is a non-profit organization, made up of a diverse and inclusive group of women, based in Hudson County, NJ. As part of our mission, through the power of our voices, we work to connect audiences of all backgrounds by performing a broad spectrum of music, both ancient and contemporary, from singing traditions around the world. We come together to grow musically, connect with each other personally, and honor the people whose music we sing.

In addition to our community outreach, Cantigas has performed for the Eastern Division of the American Choral Directors Association (in 2010) and works from composers including Leonardo San Juan, Paul Hennessee, Lillian Redl, and Wassim Ibrahim, whose "Damascus Breeze" premiered at Cantigas's spring 2015 concert. In the summer of 2016, a group of Cantigas traveled to Buenos Aires to sing with sister choir Coral Femenino de Caballito and Coral San Cirano.