Our Members

One of the magical things about Cantigas and its diverse age demographic is that it allows mothers and daughters to sing together. Here, we feature two of our mother-daughter member pairs: Jen and Lilly Marsh and Claire and Nancy Pedulla.

Jen and Lilly Marsh

“It's a joy having my daughter [Lilly] in the choir and being able to share in such a profound musical experience. She loves it and it makes me happy to know that we have this common bond through the music we sing. And I know having had this experience that she will have a life-long interest in music which to me is an important way to feed the soul.” - Jen Marsh

Claire and Nancy Pedulla

“I've been singing in Cantigas with my mama since I was a 13. I am now 26, live under my own roof, and still, Cantigas is a weekly ritual that we both cherish and share. I am a Cantiga. My Mama is a Cantiga. Together we share and delight in the adventure of Cantigas and we are better for it. Cantigas gives us an excuse to share a meal. To sing. To laugh. To complain. To get out of our heads and our homes, even on the darkest and sleepiest of nights, and to join in the work and play and joy that make Cantigas such a precious gift to us all!” - Claire Pedulla